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Kelly Laurel Drummond

Kelly is a soon to be graduate of the Masters in Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation program at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. 


Having worked as everything from a commercial fisher to a Montessori school teacher, Kelly is an adept communicator interested in pursuing a career in science, environmental justice, and outreach. Prior to coming to Scripps, Kelly led expeditions in the Alaskan frontier and Caribbean Sea, teaching people of all ages how to sail, kayak, and navigate new environments. She holds degrees in sociology, art, and marine science and creates paintings and sculptures exploring environmental themes.


After spending many years abroad and in the backcountry, the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the MASMBC program led Kelly back home to San Diego. A lifelong waterwoman, in her free time Kelly can be found surfing, SCUBA diving, and taking her dog, Dylan, to the beach. 

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