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Elements of the installation

Many materials used in the installation reflect tools used in studying fluid dynamics in oceanography. There are many designs that have not yet been fully realized that could be included in a final installation at a future date. 


Turbulence Touch Tank

Glass aquarium, dry ice, hot water, protective screen. Used with tools including scoop, paddle and sieve. 

Laser sheets

Laser levels, metal bracket, magnets. 


Laser sheets are often used in conjunction with florescence to visualize, measure, and analyze fluid dynamics.

Plankton videos

Videos, projector.

I took microscopic videos of plankton collected offshore of Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The samples were collected by Scripps marine collector Phil Zerofski, and filmed in the Rouse Lab at Scripps. 

Watch the full length video here



Prototype in progress. 

Rheoscopic fluid, water, container, post. 

A prototype in progress mimics Taylor-Couette flow, used in studying fluid dynamics. 

Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 2.47.23 PM.png


Prototype in progress. 

An auditory experience of data about ocean microstructure. 

An example of turbulence data that could be sonified and manipulated for an auditory experience. Source: Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Multiscale Ocean Dynamics.

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